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KOTOR II:TSL Mod Installation Note: TSL does not install an override directory, but all you have to do is add a folder called "Override", without quotes, into your KOTOR2 game folder and you should be good to go... Enjoy!

What's New

Below is a list of download links for my sites hosted TSL mods. All are in 7Zip format.

Download The 7Zip Program Here
I have been informed that WinRar is also capable of unpacking 7Zip files.

Download:Workbench Makes Robes Mod
My first KOTOR II: TSL Mod, this is a simple 2da edit to allow you to make the games normal robes at the Workbenches in the game. This is one of the first things I wanted to "fix" with TSL... so here you go! I always was disgruntled that you could make advanced armor components with the Workbench, but you couldn't sew a darn robe??? After all Real Jedi and Sith know how to sew!

Download:PC Beginning Items Mod
This simple mod adds a metalbox into the Medical Storage room at the beginning of the game, along with some basic items to begin the game with, a belt, gloves, 1 medium power level 1 implant, and 1 low end level 2 implant, along with some credits, chemicals, and components. It also adds some additional reasonable items to the Security Room's Large Locker, I was surprised there were no actual security type items in that locker so I fixed this, all the items fit into the story and game level (IE NO Blasters or Incindiary Explosives)... a new datapad is included explaining these items as well. Basically it adds some Stun Batons, Vibro Weapons, Mining Laser Pistols, Ion and Sonic Grenades, and a few extra surprises, explained in the datapad!

Download:Exile's Item Pack
These are a package of custom items I created strictly for the Exile (PC). These items can be found in game normally on the Harbringer in your quarters or gotten by using the 'giveitem' cheat with the cheat console, the giveitem codes are listed at the bottom of the readme. A small Warning... Once again these items are powerful, but definately not like the ones I made early on in KOTOR I like the Revan Items were. These Exile items all have attributes within the limitations of the games normal given items, in most cases I simply combined some of the games items properties together to make the new Exile item of that class. I tried not too be outragous, but everyone has a different opinion of what a powerful or outragous item is.Definately for use on the hardest difficulty settings, and with an eye for any future Hardcore mod.As I said above when you go into your quarters on the Harbringer you will find a new Verpine Klakar X-1000 Portable Vault there, open it up and see... You have the choice of just taking the LS stuff or just the DS stuff or just getting all the stuff at once. Be careful, once you choose to take the items there is no going back.
New In Version 1.1: Altered the Mod to use Stoffe-mkb-'s TSL Patcher Program for complete compatibility. Fixed the give item scripts so that the "Game Freeze" glitch no longer happens.

Download:Exile's Item Pack Booster (Robe Pack)
This is simply an update/booster robe and texture pack to the Exile's Robes you get in the Exile's Item Pack I did. I have given the 3 Exile's Robes their own unique textures, and have redone the White Robes to use the thinner Model I Padawan Style robe. Textures are included for the standard robes, and those to use with ilikecommas Standard Robe Pack for use with Svösh's Robe Collar Fix that fix the dreadful collars of the robes. Follow the installation instructions in the readme file carefully.

Download:Mistake Correction Armband Mod V. 1.1
This simple armband mod gives you an armband, that can give you Lightside or Darkside points at will, also it will allow you to gain or lose influence with the NPC's currently in your party, this function works outside the Ebon Hawk only. I created this armband, my first by the way, because I grew tired of all the LS or DS hits I had to take in conversations to gain influence with a particular NPC, or to complete cartain quests... basically I wanted to be able to play the Lightside or the Darkside my way... and I didn't want to edit a thousand dialog files to do so, this was the easiest solution. You will have to use the giveitem cheat to get it, this is a purely cheating/testing device after all. See the Readme file for more information. New in Version 1.1: Added the ability to Increase or Decrease Main PC's Attributes (One or Two points at a time), and Increase or Decrease the Main PC's Skills (One, Two, or Five points at a time). The reason I did this is to ease in Workbench and Item mod testing.

Download:Prestiege Class Bonus Mod
This simple mod alters what happens when you get your Prestiege Class in the game, First you get bonus Force Points, plus you gain either; Force Enlightenment if you are a Jedi, and Force Crush if you are Sith, the bonus force points are as follows;
Jedi Weapon Master / Sith Marauder... gains 20 Force Points
Jedi Watchman / Sith Assassin... gains 30 Force Points
Jedi Master / Sith Lord... gains 40 Force Points
If you have Maverick187 & My Prestiege Class Robe & Saber Pack installed a compatable a_pc_jedi.ncs is included in the PrClRSPackCompatable subfolder, simply copy the a_pc_jedi.ncs from that folder to your KotoR2 override instead.

Download:TSL Kamino Eugenics Chamber Mod
This KotOR I transplant mod adds a new Kolto Tank placeable to the Ebon Hawk's Cargo Hold that allows you to manipulate your PC on a genetic level, though the costs are very high credit wise, though I reduced them to half what they were in the KotOR I version of this mod because of the lack of a High-Stakes Pazaak mod, the bonuses are well worth it. There are 5 levels of manipulation, each more powerful than the previous, the device even allows you to downgrade a level, if you so desire... but you will get no refunds. ;^)
This mod should be used in conjunction with Beancounters TSL Hardcore mod, as your PC can get quite powerful using this mod. (The Blue Tights, and the Big Red Cape and 'S' on your chest, is optional!) This should be fully compatable with my other Mods, and just about everyone else's as well. Except stoffe -mkb-'s Ebon Hawk Tweak Mod, but you can just overwrite the files from this mod and you won't lose anything from that mod.
This mod uses the Ebon Hawk Tweak created by stoffe -mkb- so as a side effect of this you also get a Medical Lab Bench in the Ebon Hawk's Medbay as well as after leaving Telos in the Compartment where HK-47 is you will find a plastic cylender that has all of HK's parts so you can get him fixed early in the game. Big credits and kudos to stoffe -mkb-.

Download:Kreia Prestiege Class Mod (Rar Format)
Simple script addition to grant Kreia Jedi Master Prestiege Class if the PC chooses a Jedi Prestiege Class, and grants Kreia a Sith Lord Prestiege Class if the PC becomes a Sith Prestiege Class.
If you have Maverick187 & My Prestiege Class Robe & Saber Pack installed a compatable a_pc_jedi.ncs is included in the ForPrCLRobeNSaberMod subfolder, simply copy the a_pc_jedi.ncs from that folder to your KotoR2 override instead. Note: It automatically incorperates the changes made by my Prestiege Class Bonus Mod (Above)

I'm running out of room, so here are the, and other links for Maverick187 and My Prestiege Class Robe & Saber Pack, Darth Revan Cutscene Robe Pack, and my Exile's General Uniform Robes Pack. Update: While I am adding my sites download links below I am still keeping the old PCGM links in case PCGameMods comes back online.

Download Option 1:Prestiege Class Robe & Saber Pack (Hosting Courtesy of ChAiNz.2da) (Rar Format) Version 1.1.

Download Option 2:Prestiege Class Robe & Saber Pack @
Like our Lightsaber Pack for KOTOR I, Maverick187 and I put together a little package for TSL. Making up for a complete lack of items for the Prestiege Classes to use in the game. This mod will give you some Robes and Sabers for your Prestiege Class when you get your prestiege class in the game. This mod also replaces the Male Jal Shey style Armored Robes with the Darth Bandon style Robes... Textures have been provided for the normal Jal Shey/Zeison Sha Robes in the game, following the green and blue themes they had going, as well as a nice Crimson one for when you put on Malak's Robe. The Lightsaber Upgrades and a bonus robe are buildable at the WorkBench after a certain point in the game...
New In Version 1.1: Altered the Mod to use Stoffe-mkb-'s TSL Patcher Program for complete compatibility.
Warning: It is hightly suggested you use Beancounters TSL Hardcore mod with this mod... Enjoy!

Download:Prestiege Class Robe & Saber Texture Fix (Jedi Master & Sith Lord Robe Collar Fix)
This is simply an update robe texture pack to the Prestiege Class Robe & Saber Pack for the Jedi Master and Sith Lord Robes. These textures are only for use with ilikecommas Standard Robe Pack for use with Svösh's Robe Collar Fix that fix the dreadful collars of the normal robes. This patch is only needed if you are using Svösh's fixed collars mod.

Download Option 1:Darth Revan Cutscene Style Robes Mod (Hosting Courtesy Of ChAiNz.2da)

Download Option 2:Darth Revan Cutscene Style Robes Mod (@
This mod adds in the ability to make four Revan style robes in the game, using the hooded Maskless Revan Cutscene Model, unfortunately the model is just as unfinished in TSL as it is in KOTOR I, but I have gotten a lot of requests for them so here you go. They are buildable at the Workbench, depending on your level (At Least 20) and alignment on which ones will be available to your pc to build.
The Robes are all upgradeable as Medium Armor, and are the following;
1. Darth Revan's Robes (Using the Usual TSL Revan Texture)
2. Star Forge Robes (Using my KOTOR I Star Forge Texture)
3. Revan The White Robes (Using my KOTOR I Revan White Texture)
4. RedHawke's Robes (Using my KOTOR I RedHawke/Crimson Sith Templar Texture)
New in version 1.1: Added in the Masked Revan Robes as well, allowing you to make either version... Re-made the mod with TSL Patcher for complete compatability. Due largely to multiple requests for the masked versions of these robes.
It is hightly suggested you use KristyKistic's Revan Fixed Models with this mod so the force powers will project from the hands correctly... Instructions on how to add her mod on top of this one is in the first post of this thread here. Enjoy!

Download Option 1:Exile's General Uniform Mod (Hosting Courtesy of ChAiNz.2da) (Rar Format) Version 1.0.

Download Option 2:Exile's General Uniform Mod @
These are a package of custom Uniform Tunics I created for KOTOR I and converted them to TSL, I listed the robes converted at PCGameMods so if you liked the K1 robe texture you can now have them for K2, they are strictly for the Exile (PC). These new General uniforms can be found in game normally on Telos or gotten by using the 'giveitem' cheat with the cheat console, the giveitem codes are listed at the bottom of the readme. The uniforms replace the normal clothing model for the PC, and the uniforms are all upgradeable and have a defense of 2, a little better than the mining uniform. These Exile Uniforms use the K1 robe/tunic model that came with TSL, and are available for both Male and Female PC's, to remove the gloves and make them strictly for the PC I had to do an appearance.2da edit, but I provided an appearance.2da that is compatable with Prime's Jedi Movie Robes Mod.

Download Option 1:RedHawke's TSL Armor Pack (Hosting Courtesy Of ChAiNz.2da)

Download Option 2:RedHawke's TSL Armor Pack (@
This is simply a conversion of my 5 KOTOR I Armors to TSL, they are available normally in the game, see the Readme for more information, and can also be constructed at the Workbench pending your skill ratings and PC levels. This mod uses Stoffe -mkb-'s Installer Program so there should not be any mod conflicts. Enjoy!

I post all of my mods on so it will have all of my available mods, please primarily download from there first, thank you.

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